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  1. David buttler

    David buttler New Member

    The last few months I've been making a real conscience effor to think of and play the notes along in my head while I play. I also play piano and will try to transpose things I learn on guitar over to piano. Music mental strenghtening as I like to call it. I also try to count every note as well just to keep the rhythm up. Does anyone else do this or am I slightly overthinking things because I do that and am not sure if this is heljping (it is not) or if it will ultimately hinder me as I get better and better at the craft.
  2. Adam buttler

    Adam buttler New Member

    That is something you should do until you develop it as an unconscious act.

    Everyone should count out loud and consciously think of what they are playing, the chord, changes, etc

    Then, as you do it enough, it will become unconscious and you won't have to think about it. You just feel the changes coming and the phrases as they go by.
  3. John cenna

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    Okay, so I've recently been considering buying a guitar. I'm a shut-in and I thought it would be good to have a tool for creative expression outside of pen and paper and also a bit of a hobby. I'm not at all acquainted with the jargon and details of guitar, and the amount of different info on everything across the web is kind of overwhelming so I thought I'd ask here.
    What do you recommand?

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