I want to know that Is there difference in latency between tube amp and solid state amp?

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  1. Zachary Milligan

    Zachary Milligan New Member

    I play guitar through soundcard and there is 9 ms latency at minimum. But is there any latency on solid state amps compared to tube amps? thanks
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  2. Joan Brown

    Joan Brown New Member

    Latency occurs in the D/A and A/D process. Analog audio travels at roughly the speed of light. No latency. This is basic electronics.
  3. Robert M Leigh

    Robert M Leigh New Member

    Via electrical cables, yes, but not acoustic waves through the air. So there's practically zero latency through the amp but technically there's latency between the speaker and our ears. More so than people tend to suspect.
  4. AprilBHernandez

    AprilBHernandez New Member

    Actually there is with modeling amps. And modeling pedals and digital multi-fx boxes too. When I got a Pod back in 2000 or so, it bugged me. But now we all live in a little-bit-o-latency world so I don't really notice anymore.
  5. Joan Brown

    Joan Brown New Member

    Air was not the question.

    AND anything that has modeling is digital, so there is conversion plus digital manipulation.
  6. Zachary Milligan

    Zachary Milligan New Member

    I have a small solid state amp, around 20 watt, there is a gain, volume, bass, middle and treble. Is gain knob makes amp modeling?
  7. Joan Brown

    Joan Brown New Member

    No, it is an analog gain control.

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